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Lesson Note

Subject: Social Studies

Class: JS3

Topic: Traffic Rules And Regulation

Lesson Objectives: by the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:

1. State the meaning of road signs and traffic lights;
2. consequences of disobeying traffic rules.

Lesson Discussion
MEANING OF ROAD SIGNS AND TRAFFIC RULESRoad signs are traffic signs that are constructed to control, inform and regulate the conduct of road users on the road.

Traffic lights are unique light at road junction to control the flow of traffic. It has colours of green, red, and yellow.
The green light means go, the yellow means get ready to go while the red signifies stop.


1. Accident: Road accidents occur as a result of disobeying traffic rules and regulations.
2. Deformity , Loss Of Lives And Property: When we do not obey traffic rules, it may lead to accident which may either kill, injure or deform the victims and damage their pro perty.
3.Traffic Jam: This usually occurs when we do not obey traffic rules . Sometime ,the traffic lights are neglected by vehicle and motorcycle drivers Nigeria.
4. Man-hour Loss: Disobedience to traffic rules could lead to delay,thereby depriving people from attending to their daily activities and appointments, resulting thereby in loss of time, money and other benefits to both private and public establishments.

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Take a quick test for this lesson

1.Explain road signs and traffic rules
2.Mention three consequences of disobeying traffic rules.

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